Taylor Marketing:


Hope all is well with you & your family during these unpredictable times.

People still need to buy and sell homes, & providing virtual technology & cutting edge technology is more crucial than ever in real estate.

While we have many Clients / Sellers who have decided to put their home sale on hold for at least the next few weeks, we do also have agents who want to be able to market virtually, and as always we want to be able to help those individuals when it can be done safely for all involved. 

We will be taking recommended CDC precautions, and we have enacted a set of parameters required in order for us to continue to provide photography, 3D Virtual Walk through, black line floor plans, etc. for you to be able to provide virtual marketing for your Sellers during these uncertain times.

In order to schedule your appointment, we need to receive (via email) your confirmation and agreement to the following terms:

  • Property to be vacant when photographer arrives (no people in the property, no face to face contact at any time other than agent being on site to let us in, unless the property is on combo lockbox).

  • Property to be completely ready to photograph, inside and outside.  We will be taking recommended CDC precautions & wearing protective gloves, and will not touch any surfaces while in the property.

    ***This means:   all lights must be on, all window shades, drapes, etc., open, all toilet seats down, all personal effects in all rooms (kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, living room, etc.) will be put away, including all pet paraphernalia.  Outdoor Trash cans to be put away, patio furniture to be arranged per agents preferences, all cars, boats, etc., removed from driveway / front of home.

  • Anything the agent or homeowner does not want in the photos must be put away prior to us arriving, and all staging type activities should be complete.

  • Payment is due in advance.  Appointments will be confirmed on the calendar once payment has been made.  If we do not have your credit card on file to charge we will contact you to get updated info.

  • No one in the household has been even remotely ill.  This includes any other service providers (stagers, construction workers, inspectors, the Realtor, etc.) 

Thanks so much, and please be well.

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